Valve seat rings

For the use in ship engines

There is a high demand concerning operational reliability on combustion engines for stationary use and for ship propulsion. In addition, extended maintainance intervals constitute an huge advantage concerning operating costs.

It was our target to optimize the above factors when the engines were overhauled and equipped with our seat rings.

In combination with the material of the valves a suitable choice of materials ensures that the wear at the valve seat will be reduced.

For the cooling the seat rings are flushed with cooling agent. The engine producer has sealed the cooling channel with seal rings to avoid leakage into the combustion chamber. Due to assembly errors and corrosion there is the risk of leaks.

A fine layer of tin serves the function of the seal rings on the new seat rings. Assembly errors were avoided. The coolant-flushed surfaces are protected against corrosion by the tin layer.

To provide this function by the tin layer the outer diameter of the seat rings is manufactured with 5/1000 mm accuracy.


Valve seat rings for the use in ship engines