Valve seat rings for large diesel and gas engines

For marine and stationary engines


There is a high demand concerning operational reliability on combustion engines for stationary use and for ship propulsion. In addition, extended maintenance intervals introduce a huge advantage concerning operating costs.


It was our target to optimize the above factors when the engines were overhauled and equipped with our seat rings.


In combination with the material of the valves a suitable choice  for the seat ring materials ensures that the wear at both the valve seat and seat ring will be reduced.


The exhaust seat rings are mostly cooled. In general, to seal the ring, an O-Ring is used. Due to high temperatures this seal will become brittle and the sealing is not guaranteed. To improve this, a thin layer of tin as well as grooves are applied to the outer diameter of the seat rings, which requires high production tolerances.


Examples of seat rings we have in our portfolio are MAK M20 and M25 as well as Wärtsilä W20.



Valve seat rings for the use in marine engines


Aftermarket and trading companies

project period

2018 / 2019