Valve springs

Optimisation and Manufacturing of valve springs in small series or larger production lots

The beehive, ovate wire valve spring is new in our portfolio! This high end spring, produced by our partner, Force Technology, shows nearly all features a valve spring can have; ovate wire, unique damping technology, Beehive shape, warm setting. For this application nitriding was not needed, but depending on the load, nitriding can be applied as well.


This type of spring is used when the space available is limited and the loads on the valve spring are extreme.


Examples of standard valve springs we have on stock are:


Porsche 911 ´65 -´94      Valve spring                      Fits for:                901 105 901 51

BMW 2V                           Valve spring                      Fits for:                11341263873 or 113412261476

Mercedes Benz                Valve spring                      Fits for:                A 180 053 0620

Mercedes Benz M127    Valve spring                      fits for:                A 108 053 0220


Beehive valve spring with oval wire


Design, optimisation and production


Motorsports, classic cars, engine part traders, engine builders, automotive, suspension developers, hydraulics

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